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Arm Iran – The Case for the Nuclear State

With the Middle East being as contentious as it is now and the fact that the only state in the region that has nuclear weapons also happens to be the one that is most hated and refuses to sign arms agreements (Israel), a different approach is needed. I argue that Iran, the state Israel is so deeply afraid of, should acquire nuclear weapons and be the regional counterbalance.

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Part 0: What Am I (Politically)?

The question “where do I fall on the political spectrum” has been one that’s been plaguing my mind for months now and, unfortunately, I do not have a good answer. However, I do think it’s high time I started formulating and ideology and explaining it and so this post will be the first in a series, untitled thus far, wherein I will examine what I hold true about value systems, the state, “rights”, etc.

After the jump I will post the results of my latest round of political quizzes (up to date as of 3/28/14) and, in bullet form, list some of the things I believe (in no particular order, just as they come to me).

Note: the list is in no way a complete argument, rather a starting block with which to build future posts and arguments.The aphorisms below will be fleshed out in later posts as I form my ideology and will be crossed out.


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