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Why Everyone Is Wrong About ‘Deus Ex: The Fall’

The other day, in preparation for the eventual release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divide, I completed my fifth playthrough of Human Revolution. Once I was finished, I noticed that, amidst various other unplayed games in my Steam library, there sat my copy of Deus Ex: The Fall which I realized I had not played. I quickly Googled the title and on the Wikipedia page, found a few choice comments from reviewers:

Don’t be fooled by the black-andgold screenshots and the familiar interface: this is not the Deus Ex you know and love. It’s a bad cover version, and truly one of the worst PC ports I’ve played in some time, and I’ve played Deadly Premonition. I definitely didn’t ask for this. -Andy Kelly (PC Gamer)

The controls are another culprit here; they are clunky and unresponsive in ways that a keyboard and mouse never should be. Menu buttons routinely fail to respond to repeated mouse clicks. -Daniel Hindes (Gamespot)

After reading the comments, I decided to play it. After completing the game (yes, I did search every nook and crany) I’m here to tell you one thing: all those negative reviews are wrong. While not Human Revolution quality, Deus Ex: The Fall was, for a game ported from mobile devices in a short time-span, very solid.

Before continuing, however, it must be added that this post obviously deviates from my typical genre and if you are not a fan of video game reviews, you ought to skip this post. For all else: my reasoning and concluding thoughts will be after the jump!

(There will obviously be spoilers)

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