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Part 0: What Am I (Politically)?

The question “where do I fall on the political spectrum” has been one that’s been plaguing my mind for months now and, unfortunately, I do not have a good answer. However, I do think it’s high time I started formulating and ideology and explaining it and so this post will be the first in a series, untitled thus far, wherein I will examine what I hold true about value systems, the state, “rights”, etc.

After the jump I will post the results of my latest round of political quizzes (up to date as of 3/28/14) and, in bullet form, list some of the things I believe (in no particular order, just as they come to me).

Note: the list is in no way a complete argument, rather a starting block with which to build future posts and arguments.The aphorisms below will be fleshed out in later posts as I form my ideology and will be crossed out.


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Abortion: Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, and the Alternatives


Pre-disclaimer disclaimer: Since half of this post is me taking an unpopular opinion that most individuals will dislike, this post will be considerably longer than others because I’m justifying my worldview. So yeah.

Here is a disclaimer that I think is also important:

Okay, so this is something I didn’t really want to write about/have been holding off because I realize my views differ from most, if not all, other reactionaries on here and that I’m friends with so just so everyone knows, before I explain why I feel each way, I am not pro-life nor would I say I’m pro-choice per se, rather, I’m pro-death. so if you’re pissed at me, I’m sorry, stop reading.
(>inb4 “you’re literally _X_)

Here’s how this post will work, the first half will talk about what I mean when I say I’m “pro-death” and how that interacts with the abortion debate and the “sanctity of life”. The second part will operate under a framework of NOT pro-death and I’ll explain why, under that framework, I’m pro-choice to an extent. So, let’s do it.

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