Published Works


“Smoothing the High Seas: A Deleuzoguattarian Analysis of the Somali Pirates” in Journal 360˚ Volume 12, No. 2 (Winter 2017): 29-39. 10.3224/360grad.v12i2.03

When Language Breaks: A Heideggerian Analysis of Grice’s ‘Cooperative Principle’ – Presented at the 2017 Steven Humphrey Undergraduate Philosophy Colloquium at University of Louisville

Taking Things Seriously Again – An Introduction to Object-Oriented Ontology – Presented at the 21st Annual Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

The Philosopher’s New Clothes: An Introductory Survey into Object-Oriented Ontology

Planning and Spatiality: The Spatial Creation of Urban Landscapes

Thank You For Not Breeding: Anthropocentrism, Homo ecophagus, and Human Extinction

Introduction to Security Systems: Passwords, Email, Encryption, and More


Published Elsewhere:

“‘The Rhizome’ – An American Translation” published on The Mantle.

“A Conversation Between Peter Heft and Brett Stevens” published on Right On.

“Why the Right Needs Feminism” published on Amerika.

“Will the Real Alt-Right Please Stand Up?” published on Right On.

“The Necessity of a Realist Right” published on Right On.

“The Fascism of Julius Evola” published on Right On.

“Democracy in Europe is Coming Apart at the Seams” published on Right On.

“Jews As Mediators Between The Right And The Left” published on Amerika.

“The Moral Conservative’s Case Against Torture” published on Right On.

“What Should We Do About ISIS?” published on Right On.

“War of All against All” published on Right On.

“Causative Thinking and Beyond” published on Right On.

“Man’s Propriative Event” published on Right On.

“The Virtue of Armed Pacifism” featured on Chapel Choice.

“No Afterlife? No Problem!” featured on HCCO.


Audio Recordings: