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Paper(s) in Progress

Hey all, I know I haven’t posted anything long/of major substance lately, but that is due to me working on two major arguments. First, I am (albeit slowly) working on finishing Part 4 of the [IDEOLOGY IN PROGRESS] series which should be rather hefty. But second, and more pressing, I am writing a paper discussing John Locke’s justification for property acquisition from a flat ontological/critical anthropocentric standpoint. As a taste of what is to come, here is the working thesis:

“John Locke’s view of nature as the common gift of God unto which humans act upon and change in order to create value and ‘property’ is fundamentally rooted in an anthropocentric mindset and a mindset that privileges the human subject placing them above the non-human object. This mentality is a poor model of understanding human/non-human relationships for [x, y, z] reasons *these will be the paragraphs, of course*.”

The latter should be done in the next few weeks and the former should, hopefully, be done not too far after.

Thoughts: Homosexuality and the Myth of Mental Illness

This post will differ a bit from what I usually write in that I don’t have a fully developed opinion on any of this yet, rather this is just a collection of ideas that, at somepoint (ie. after reading more Foucault and Szaz), I would like to expand upon and make into a full argument. Additionally, this post is, more a less, a stream of consciousness in that I’m not really revising it, rather I’m just getting my ideas out there. So take it as you will.

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Hey all, so I just wanted to write a quick update post explaining what I’ve been up to. Apart from recently starting university, I’ve been working on writing part 4 in my [IDEOLOGY IN PROGRESS] series and have determined that, since it makes heavy use of Schmitt’s theory, I should justify Schmitt’s uses of the words “friend” and “enemy”. As such, I am going through his book (The Concept of the Political) and reading it along with Jacques Derrida’s essay Politics of Friendship wherein the latter criticizes the former’s use of the terms and questions the original meaning of the words when they supported by Schmitt via citing Plato’s Republic. 

While doing all this, I am writing an etymological reply to Derrida which, as you can imagine, takes a bit of time. So before I publish anything else, I want to finish this and this will take a bit seeing as I’m sitting in the student union with a copy of Schmitt’s book, Plato’s book, and Derrida’s essay making notes.

Since you all have been so patient with me, here is a panoramic picture of my dorm taken on my phone! (click for full size)


Here are the posters that got kinda cut off:

Update – Fraking Toasters

As you are probably aware by now, Petersaysstuff is now running on WordPress and has it’s own domain. There are numerous benefits to this method but, like anything new, there are pitfalls. In the last 24 hours I saw an influx of spam and bots trying to comment which forced me to manually weed out the spam. As a result, I have installed a very simple CAPTCHA plugin in the comments second. If you want to leave a comment, all you have to do is solve a simple math problem (eg. 2 *  ___ = 4).

I believe that registered users can bypass this and if it pisses you off too much, just shoot me an email.

Thank you all for understanding!

(The title is a Battlestar Galactica reference)