A Letter to the CSCA

EDIT 6/8/13

The author of the book finally sent me an email with the following message:
Hello Peter,


Believe it or not, the Climate Science Coalition of America has been a
volunteer organization to date.  As Executive Director, I receive no salary
or payment of any kind.  CSCA will accept contributions, but I have not
pursued them.


I earn my keep by selling books and speaking to audiences about
environmental issues.






Steve Goreham

Executive Director

Climate Science Coalition of America

 <http://www.climatescienceamerica.org/> www.climatescienceamerica.org


To which I replied with:

I'm sorry to say but that did not answer the question I posed. The question I posed was how does the organization actually get its money, not the salary status of the members.

So I shall pose it again, how does the CSCA get the money to run a website and further a scientific think tank? Assuming it comes solely from contributions, which you seemingly alluded to before, are you willing to share the breakdown of company's v. individual's contributions and would you be willing to divulge some of the major contributor's names?

Thank you!


This is a letter I wrote to the Climate Science Coalition of America asking about their funding. Hopefully they shall respond and I shall you updated. In addition, I would like to post selected passages from the Director’s book, “The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism” and respond to them as time goes on.

I received a copy of Steve Goreham’s book “The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism” and after reading through it and reading about the author (whose credentials seem rather shady), I am left wondering the following: where does the funding for this organization come from?

You say on the side bar of the site “Help us to provide the American people with an independent, /unbiased/ source of information on climate science” but I know from running a website that you cannot rely solely on donations unless they are large donations in which case they probably come from specific individuals or specific organizations who have influence. Thus the question becomes, are you willing to share a breakdown of your funds or better yet, give the names of companies or CEOs that contribute to the research?

Good science does this and seeing as this is an attempt at a legitimate scientific inquiry, I can only hope you will do the same. If your aim truly is to educate the American people about the “Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism”, I think the populace should have an idea of where your funds come from.

Thanks in advance for the reply and I hope a legitimate discussion can be had. You can contact me at pheft4289@gmail.com or visit my blog petersaysstuff.blogspot.com



  1. Hi Peter,

    My position at CSCA is essentially a volunteer position. I receive no significant donations or salary. My income comes independently from speaking fees and sales of my two books.

    Contrary to what you my think, some of us can operate from a basis of intellectual honesty, rather than forming our opinions from received funding. Could it be that those who accuse another person of receiving funding are themselves beholden to others?


    1. Well thank you for the reply yet you cleverly avoided the question. The question was not “do you get paid”/”what is your salary”, the question was “where does the funding for this organization [the CSCA] come from?” which yet remains unanswered.

      I understand that you make money via speaking fees and so do most other intellectuals, that is not what I am concerned with, I am however concerned with the funding for research organizations such as the CSCA. Thus the latter part of the question still stands: “…are you willing to share a breakdown of your funds or better yet, give the names of companies or CEOs that contribute to the research?”

      You ask “Could it be that those who accuse another person of receiving funding are themselves beholden to others?” to which I say, sure. That’s probably true for some people but I find the distinction between the CSCA and other climate organizations (or even right wing organizations for that matter) lies in the fact that they at least give some indication of where funding for research comes from. For example, the Heartland Institute does give an IRS form but with critical information lacking of course. As for scientists, most scientists who work based on grant money make that knowledge public so, for example, if a scientist at MIT does a study using grant money, the source of that money will usually be made public and thus can come under scrutiny. As for myself (if you were implying anything), I receive no pay, am not funded by anyone, and am beholden to no one. I am merely a searcher of truth and I have a tendency to distrust sources, on either side of the coin, that do not disclose funding.

      Hopefully, assuming you respond, the relevant question can be answered.


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