Popular Music Part 1

Okay, so why are certain artists, if they can be called that, “popular” and others not?
I feel the answer lies deep in the brain of the average teenage boy/girl. First lets peer into the twisted mind of the average teenage girl. (This is not meant to be sexist by the way). The teenage girls brain is filled with thoughts such as: “His hair is ugly!” “He’s hot!” “Ewww he’s grody” “I should say i’m a lesbian to sound cool” “Fuck that last idea” “Fuck school” “Where’s the beer?” “Do my boobs look big?” “Should I stuff” ect…. SOOOO, lets look at the “teen sensation” Justin Fucking Bieber. 

The hair defiantly plays a part. Girls love the flippy hair. But if it’s too long they think he’s to effeminate but if it’s to short he’s a dweeb. Justin has perfected this aspect and thus, is one of the reasons why teenage girls love him. Reason numero dos is that all, and when I say all I mean ALL, of his songs are about love and there is a spot in the teenage girls brain, the L spot, where if they hear a song about love they go into a mindless trance. So, lets get back on topic, the songs about love trigger the “L spot” and girls (mind you I understand not all teenage girls are like this but most of them are) think “HOLY SHIT HE WROTE THIS SONG ABOUT ME!!!!!! MARRY ME BIEBS!!!” From a sales perspective he has perfected the art of manipulation but he is a solid 10 on the douchebag-o-meter. So in short, if you want to win millions of teenage girls over, sing about love, have hair down to your eyes and be a douchebag. A look into the minds of teenage boys will come later. Have a nice day. 😀



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